Monday, June 9, 2014

It's the weekend!

Montgomery gets picked up every Friday from daycare at 5:30pm by his daddy!!! This weekend, mommy had to work all weekend, so Montgomery went to stay at his dads! An spend the whole Saturday with him!!!!
Chuck and a sleepy Montgomery picked me up from work after 11pm of Saturday, then Sunday morning we woke up and he went to Lily's because I had to work for a few hours!!!!

 But once I was done with work...... It was mommy/son time!!! We met Cassey and the kiddos at Marina Park!!!! While most of the moms with smaller kids will shadow their kids as they play, my son is old enough now that I can sit on the sidelines and watch him play with the kids :)

This kid is so funny!!!! He's a pro on the playground! What a fun afternoon!!! Ten Montgomery was getting tired so we headed home for a quick late nap!!!! After nap we had dinner and headed to stearns park to walk the breakwall and watch the SS Badger come in!!!
Blew some bubbles
Little man walked to whole 1/2 mile out to the lighthouse, I'm so proud of him for this accomplishment!!!

And then we waited, the Badger was running about 10 minutes late!!!!
But he was ready, when it did arrive and waved his little heart out!!!!!!
I call this a great weekend!!!!! Montgomery was excited that he got to go on a boat and see a big boat!!!

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