Sunday, February 9, 2014

22 months

And just like that my baby is almost 2... 22 months have gone by in a blink of an eye. 
You have 14 teeth
you were mostly 2T clothes
size 5 diapers
you still love your pacifier, tag blanket and blue/brown Carter's blanket
You are putting 3 words in a sentence
Your favorite snacks are yogurt, string cheese, jello, marshmallows, and chocolate chips
You are a pretty good eater!! 
You really only drink milk. 
You mostly play with your cars and little people track, balls, your play food,kitchen, & grocery cart, and your ball carnival
You weigh 30#5 (Super Bowl Sunday at nana's)
You love baths
You love to swim and kick in the pool
You love the snow! To walk in it, touch it with your glove.
You can manage to put one of your own boots on :)
You try to take off your shirt
You JUMP!! Too funny!
Your favorite full length movie, right now is Planes!
You truly amaze me everyday!!!

I love you so much Montgomery! Your new obsession is ELMO'S World.... You just love it and say "Elmo". Happy 22 months my precious son!!! Excited for you to turn 2...

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