Monday, January 21, 2013

Ambulance ride

Wednesday, January 16, didn't start off great, at 4:30 am Montgomery ended up in the ER for asthma attack, they sent us home. Montgomery went to daycare all day wednesday, I had to work, and when I picked him up, at 6:15pm. He sounded horrible. So we came home, I gave him his breathing treatment, 20 minutes later, he was worse, so I tried another treatment. I mean I didn't want to be the crazy mom in the ER again. So it's now 7:30pm, and my son has been coughing for 22 minutes straight, when his eyes rolled back and he foamed at the mouth. Holy the most scary part in a moms life. So panicked I called 911. It just so happens it was my neighbors mom, who was the 911 operator that answered my call. Montgomery was coughing and crying during the call. Then an officer showed up, and seriously, God was watching out for me, by sending a MOPS mom's husband. Then the paramedics showed up and wanted to take him to hospital right away. They moved his carseat to ambulance. I dont remember much of our 1st ambulance ride, its like a blur. I do remember that montgomery was staring into space and not laughing or crying, which is totally not him. We got to hospital, and if it isn't a severe case they fast pass you, and the doctor that saw us at 4:30am, was there and said another asthma attack. So we get to our fast pass room, and a nurse practitioner asks a couple questions, and decides since we've been there twice , to do x-ray on his lungs. Guess what pneumonia. So they run the RSV test, positive. Wow!!! Thanks doctor at 4:30am for allowing me to leave thinking asthma attack and sending my child to daycare. Oh, and now he has a right ear infection also. So Montgomery is now back on steroids, continuing his breathing treatments as needed and amoxicillin . His oxygen levels stayed between 89-95. He never developed a temperature. It's been 3 days, today was our 1st day not to the ER or doctor all week. Phew! He is doing well, he is still not 100% himself. It's now Monday, January 21st, and Montgomery is doing well. Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers. I love Facebook during times like this when my baby is sick and I feel like a bad mom, it's then that I have to stay positive for my son. Babies get sick and they get better with love, caring and understanding and help from doctors and RX.

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