Sunday, January 6, 2013

8 months

8 months old:
Week 35: November 30- December 7
Week 36: December 7-14
Week 37: December 14- 21
Week 38: December 21 - 28
Week 39: December 28- January 4

State park
No more vibrating seat (cause you roll in it)
Size 12& 18 month clothing 
(pants 12 month, 18 month too long)
Size 3,4 and 5 shoes.
Many Santa's
Daddy smoke fish 12/5
Kraai Wrestling Tournament
1st Christmas
53rd lights
1st new years!! Happy 2013
First tooth 12/25
Love baths
Put everything in the mouth
Love to play with cousins
Lennox new friend
Eat 3 times a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner
3 bottles a day. Before bed, middle night and morning
Crawling everywhere at the beginning of January
Playing with toys
Mama lowered mattress in crib 1/3
Amber stone bracelet
Loves balls
Noisy toys
Loves cars
Musical stuff
Plays with wagon
Loves life

It's hard to believe this month went so fast, I delivered on 39 weeks and here you are 39 weeks.... Seemed like pregnancy took forever and in a short blink of an eye your crawling... Your almost 1 wow time flies! Mommy loves you Governor!!! I'm so glad your happy and healthy

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