Wednesday, December 5, 2012

7 months

7 months old

November 2-9 week 31
November 9-16 week 32
November 16-23 week 33
November 23-30 week 34

This month started out with no longer babysitting zoie and Marcus. Montgomery misses you guys so much.
You sit up with nothing behind you.
You roll back to belly.
You crawl backwards
You spin in circles on your belly
You can almost go from sitting to belly, you get one leg and then scream.
You love daycare
You eat gerber 2nds, and applesauce and mashed potatoes
You've tried jello and yogurt
You celebrated your 1st thanksgiving
Spent the night at mommy's grandpa and grandma Kraai's after thanksgiving
Mama and hi
You pucker lips and try to flap both hands to say bye
You high five.
Another trip to the ER for asthma attack
Steroids again :(
Aglow on the avenue Christmas parade
Got to see santa
We sing Jesus loves me before bed
We set up our tree and decorated it
You love and I mean love baths.
No longer playing on a blanket
Playing with big boy toys
Had your first watermelon in your net
Took you to see papa gene!! Hard to believe its been 26 years.
You love MOPS as much as mommy
You sleep in the car, long rides or short doesn't matter
You watch baby einstein and chuck
Daddy shot an 8 point
You came with mommy to vote.
You play London bridges falling down, so funny
Your ticklish
You swam in your first pool and loved it <3 p="p">You are a ladies man.
Your hair is coming in red/ strawberry blonde
You have amazing eyes like mommy
Lips like daddy
Mommy's forehead
Daddy's chubby cheeks
And a cross between both of our noses
You hate your winer jacket, but love your snowsuit
You weight 23# 13. And size 4 diapers
Shoes 3 or 4
Pants 12 months
Tops 12 or 18 months
You have long torso, and short legs
I get stuck under footstool
Love peas and sweet potatos and real applesauce
Mommy and daddy went to see twilight - breaking dawn part 2
Your 8 months old in a few hours, and I love being your mommy, each day a new adventure.i may get frustrated sometimes, but we're learning together. I love you Montgomery Gene!!! So excited for December, all it's fun list stuff. May you continue to be a good baby. Here's to a great month 7 and I look forward to month 8, a whole fun holiday month.

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