Friday, September 6, 2013


It's the first week of Fall: we started Montgomery's 1 year old preschool at home and he's doing mother goose at daycare. At both he is learning about his body. Singing songs, he knows his tummy, head an ear!!! He colored a page about  height at daycare!!! We're workin on the hitting :( he started a bad habit and it needs to stop ASAP. So myself and his daddy and daycare on tapping his hand and using timeout for 60 seconds. 
He loves bath time :)
Loves his new sippy cup from Joy & Seth!!!

The ladies love him at the bank!!! They can always get him to blow them kisses, must be because of the blue sucker and animal sticker :)
It's Friday and this means a working weekend for this mama!!! Happy Friday everyone!!!! Montgomery gets to hang out with lily and her 5 chitlins tonight and his daddy tomorrow and Sunday morning!!! 

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