Saturday, February 9, 2013

Oh my... SNOW

Thursday, I worked till 4:30Pm, and the roads were slushy, wet, snow covered and slippery. I ran to Walmart, missed the drive, had to turn at light. Then went  to pick up little man om daycare, missed the road, had to turn a next road. We made it home safe and sound, but I knew from hearing from everyone, tv and radio, the snow wasnt going to stop. Friday am, I wake up, and there is literally another foot of fresh snow. Ugh! shoved my porch, a path to my car, shoveled the driveway, so we could get out! And the roads were fine, plowed, except for the back roads! But the SUN was out, and I thought what. Beautiful day that God and mother nature have brought us! I captured a few photos, on my cell of the snow, the beautiful sunny day, and turkeys trying to cross the road. I have lived in Michigan my whole life, I drive safe, I love winter, it's other people that scare me, take your time, use your headlights, and don't ride my bumper please.

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