Thursday, February 7, 2013

9 months

9 months old:
Week 40: January 4- 11
week 41: January 11- 18
week 42: January 18 - 25
week 43: January 25- February 1
Week 44: February 1- 8

25 pounds 7 ounces
30 inches long
12-18 month clothing
Size 4 shoe
Size 4 diaper
Ambulance ride
Another we visit
Early detection right ear infection
9 month pictures
Sled ride at state park
1st Super Bowl
2nd tooth
Still crawling--- caterpillar
Loves puffs
Loves to stand
Friends: Audrey, MOPS and Lennox
Loves baby Einstein and chuck & friends
Crawls to kitchen and bathroom
Sleeps ok. Bed at 8 pm up 5am bottle. Sleep up at 8 am
Still loves daycare
Bath a favorite
Uses pointer and thumb to pick stuff up
Plays with cars and makes noises
Tongue out
Clap... Daddy taught
Blocks, new toy
Musical instrument
iPad games
PM play group
Sleeps on belly or side
Shakes head NO (side to side)

Montgomery, another month has gone by so fast, your so full of life and on the move. I love you more than anything. It's amazing how you learn and catch on so fast. And to think your almost a year old already. You are still on a schedule, we modify it as you grow. You know your mama and daddy. You know nana and papa and people on moments side of the family. You see your grandpa and grandma about once. A month, and your not shy. I love you governor!!! The kids at daycare call you gummy, nana calls you montys. But mostly Montgomery. I'm looking forward to each new day, always an adventure with you.

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