Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday weekend

Montgomery's birthday weekend: Friday April 4-Sunday April 6
Friday we headed down to grand haven to my sisters: we baked cookies=total fail
Saturday we headed to Grandville with My sister in law:

Then met up with my bro and my parents at BWW

Then we headed to Gun Lake to my parents: I decorated for his party and got ready for my 2 year old to wake up----- 
He had a birthday bath!!!

And got ready for his family party!!! His theme was ELMO!

Everyone played pin the nose on ELMO

Then Montgomery opened his gifts! Thank you everyone for his wonderful gifts!

Then we had yummy cake!!!

Then we headed back to Ludington!!!

As I sit here and watch my son, it's hard to believe it's the same baby. He is full of life, laughter and spit fire!!! He is full of his mamas positive views in life, he's generous, and sensitive and doesn't take "no" well. He crosses his ankles like nana does! He doesn't listen (gets that from his daddy and mommy) he knows what he wants when he wants it. He loves bubble guppies and Elmo. His favorite toys are his cars and his balls. He's growing up so fast! I need to remember that he can do things and to let him try. I love how when we are getting ready to leave, he will bring me his shoes and mine. I am so ready for summer and no coats, hats or gloves!!! His asthma still scares me and I'm going to ask for an allergy test after he turns 2. Montgomery is my life! I celebrate everyday because of him, even if I grumble at him up at 8am every morning, even if we can sleep in - which isn't a lot these days. He's a great eater and I love that he will help me pick up his toys!!
Happy 2nd Birthday to the love of my life, my son, Montgomery Gene!
Mama love you so much!!! Xoxo

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