Monday, October 15, 2012

5 months old

5 months old
Week 23 (September 7-14)
Week 24 ( September 14-21)
Week 25 (September 21-28)
Week 26 ( September 28-October 5)

Montgomery you amaze me are such a ham, I love you so much.

You attended 2 wedding this month, mommy's 2nd cousin Nate married Alicia and auntie gina married Kevin. You wore a tie and shiny black shoes to untie ginas wedding and you did an excellent job for your babysitter.
You rolled over twice. 9/14 from stomach to back, and the other way the following day, but now she no interest in rolling over. You love to play with your feet. You still have cereal in your 4:30 bottle. You eat one Jar of baby food #1 a day. Size 3 diapers, clothing 9 months, put most of 6 months away. On 9/19 you upgraded to a big boy carseat. You had a few issues with it, but loved it with in a ride to nanas. Now that you are in a big boy carseat, also means sitting like a big boy in the grocery cart :) you did awesome. Mommy is so happy to see you becoming a little man.It was Nana's birthday.. You sit up pretty much by yourself, I just put boppy behind you just in case. Your fist trip to the ER 9/24. They diagnosed you with a head like eating frozen peaches and real apples in your net. You love Sophie the giraffe, zoie and Marcus play well with you ( kids mommy is babysitting for). Your full of life, hold your own bottle, put yourself to sleep, splash in the bath. You want all your toys to play with, not just a few anymore. Your growing some hair. Finally!!! You had a bad night 10/2-10/3. You hardly slept. Montgomery, just remember we will have good times and bad, ups and dons, I'm learning right along with you. So just be patient, and we will move mountains. Happy 5 months baby boy!!

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