Friday, September 14, 2012

21 weeks

August 24-31
Bananas 27&28
Green beans 24&25
1st lawn mower ride with daddy 8/27
Tongue. Gives gene Simmons kisses
Playroom wall done
Neil Armstrong died 8/25
#3 nipple
6-8 ounces
Catnap at 1030/11
Long nap 1-3
Catnap again at 7 pm
Up around 7:3am
Bed at 9pm
20#6 oz
Loves baths. 1st real bath toy, turtle (squirts water)
Kick off shoes
Neck (triple chin) raw
Starting to drool
Fist in mouth. Sides of mouth red/irritated
Throws up everyone in awhile.
Loves mommy voice
Jesus loves me
Pharaoh pharaoh

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