Saturday, February 25, 2012

Truth on being... Pregnant

I blog my weekly photos and stats. But here are some major things about pregnancy that are on my mind. I never thought I'd get this big, My boobs are HUGE!! {and I thought they were large before}, I love to feel him kick, My moods are beyond crazy. I never realized that I wouldn't be able to do certain things when this far along, but I am coping. I am scared and nervous about Labor and delivery. Beyond excited to meet Montgomery. I get frustrated when things don't go my way, which seems to be a lot lately. I feel stressed about certain things. Someone called me fat, the other day and it hurt my feelings :( Another person said I looked good, and only gained baby weight. I feel like since 30 weeks, my face, arms and butt are getting bigger, since I've been on low impact, and can't do as much walking as I could a couple weeks ago. I am beyond excited to have been able to have this experience of being pregnant, and I want him to stay put for a little longer, but I am ready to be done. To be able to watch the scale go down instead of up. I gained 21 pounds, but when I was heavy before and lost a ton of weight, some had accumulated before I got pregnant, and getting weighed and watching numbers go up, isn't pleasant. I know it's the weight from pregnancy and our son is healthy, so I'm coping with the weight gain, I DO EAT!!! {and have some soda}. So there are my feelings :)

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