Monday, January 3, 2011

Goals 2011

goal \ˈgōl, [gohl] noun :the place designated as the end, the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.

My Goals for 2011:

1. Take one picture a day minimum (see here)

2. read my 5 minutes a day devotional book everyday

3. read 2 books per month (you can keep track of me on here)

4. continue to blog here on blogspot

5. getting a job I love

6. trying one new thing a month that I have never done.

7. to find a church in my area that I enjoy

8. Celebrate my 30th birhtday with those that I LOVE!

9. Tone and lose weight. Get into Shape to have more energy.

10. quit smoking by my 30th birthday (6/11)

11. BE HAPPY!!!

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